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How to find Organic and Natural Food Coupons Online - Updated!

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The best way to find coupons is to go directly to the manufacturer's website or to their Facebook/Twitter pages. Some sites will offer printable coupons while other sites may have mailing lists. Don't be afraid to join a mailing list or subscribe to a newsletter. Many times the newsletter will offer great coupons, discounts and coupon links. Create a separate email address just for newsletters if you're worried about getting too much mail in your main inbox.

Links to Organic and Natural Food Coupons

Online Organic Food Coupons - A comprehensive list of companies who offer online coupons!

All Organic Links -.You can locate organic food companies through All Organic Links and see if they offer coupons. offers valuable printable coupons from natural brands for food, groceries, and other natural products. I signed up for their newsletter and get the same coupons in an email.

Mambo Sprouts Online Coupons - You can print organic and natural coupons for free from their site

Mambo Sprouts Messenger & Sprout e-news - Sign up to get FREE articles, product information, e-coupons and more! The sprout E-news monthly newsletter shares their latest giveaways, recipes, e-coupons and more!

Publix GreenWise Market Magazine - A monthly magazine that can be found inside Publix stores. The magazine has both Publix coupons and other manufacturer's coupons. You can also sign up online to get a free subscription delivered to your house.

Whole Foods "The Whole Deal" - A value guide that you can pick up inside your local Whole Foods. You'll find more than $30 in coupons, budget recipes, money saving tips and more.

Whole Foods "The Whole Deal" Printable Coupons - Print out coupons from the latest issue of "The Whole Deal"

Manufacturer's Sites

Alexia Foods - Register and print out a coupon for $.75 off their new Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato Julienne Fries!

Arrowhead Mills - Sometimes have coupons on their site.

Barbara's Bakery - Their site sometimes offers online coupons.

Brown Cow Yogurt- When you sign up, there are several different 50 cent off e-coupons for their yogurt.

Country Choice Organic - Sign up for their newsletter and get coupons throughout the year.

Dreamfields Pasta - Sign up for their newsletter to get $1 off any box of Dreamfields pasta. You will find more coupons in their newsletter.

Earthbound Farm - Sign up for Earthbound eNews and get coupons and more in your email!

Earth's Best Organic Baby Food - They always have printable coupons on their site.

Enjoy Life Foods (Gluten-Free) - Their coupons vary - Right now they have a $.55 off any product coupon. Scroll down to the bottom of their home page.

Eden Foods - Sign up for their e-newsletter to receive special offers. Their newsletter offers great nutrition information.

Horizon Organic Newsletter - Sign up for their monthly e-newsletter to get the latest Horizon Organic® news and offers, seasonal organic recipes, activities for kids and more.

The Kashi Community - membership offers many benefits, from coupons and support to taste panels and events. You HAVE to try their Mayan Harvest Bake frozen meal!

Muir Glen - Join the "Tomato Connoisseurs Club" and receive special offers, recipes, product information and more!

Newman's Own Organics -They have a selection of organic e-coupons on their site.

Organic Valley - They have several e-coupons for their organic dairy products. Coupons are valid for 30 days from the date on which they are printed

Rosetto - Get $1 off their natural pasta. Coupon link is on the bottom right side of their site.

R.W. Knudsen Family - They occasionally offer e-coupons on their site. 

Santa Cruz Organic - Santa Cruz Organic® sometimes offers e-coupons on their site.

Silk Soymilk - Check out their Facebook page for $1.00 off coupon and other promotions.

Stonyfield Farm - Sign up on their site and get newsletters, e-coupons, rewards and special offers. They have high quality organic dairy products that taste great!

*Online coupons change often, so keep checking the sites! Let me know if you find more coupons.


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