Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Burgers Going Bollywood & Beyond

With Americans collectively eating more than 39 million hamburgers every day, it’s no wonder
that May is National Hamburger Month. The $75 billion beef burger industry has come a long
way in recent years, evolving into an edible platform for introducing new spices such as ginger
and coriander, reinventing what is arguable the country’s favorite sandwich.

Although a relative newcomer to the scene, veggie burgers continue to grow in U.S. popularity,
as indicated by its significant presence in popular culture. Television shows such as Man V.
Food, restaurants such as Red Robin and freezer aisle brands such as Tandoor Chef are
bringing the alternative burger further into the mainstream.

Some brands are even taking it one step further by embracing the burger evolution with
consumer-friendly events. “Everyone deserves to enjoy the deliciousness of a good burger hot
off the grill,” explains Mike Ryan, VP Sales & Marketing, Tandoor Chef. “That’s why we’re
putting an exciting twist on National Hamburger Month by celebrating 30 Days of Masala
Burgers with consumers, both meat lovers and vegetarians alike, across the country.”