Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Test your Nutrition Knowledge

Rate your eating habits with this quiz by the American Dietetic Association (ADA): Are you "eating right?"

Another quiz to test your nutrition knowledge (Also by the ADA): Nutrition Quiz
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Let us know your results! :)


~JEWEL~ said...

I was surprised I missed 2 actually. I missed the carbs one and the salt. Maybe because my body is different and salt doesn't bother me. Well I rarely eat processed foods so when I do add salt to things I just add what I want and am fine

PardonMe! said...

My co-workers and I will be conducting supermarket tours this month to celebrate National Nutrition Month. Using the Food guide pyramid, dietary guidelines for Americans and encouraging shoppers to shop the perimeter of the supermarket.

I work for Virginia Cooperative Extension

I really like your blog! Good luck.

Dina said...

Thanks Violet! That's so great that you're doing supermarket tours and following the pyramid and dietary guidlines! I always talk about shopping the perimeter of the supermarket! That's where the majority of whole, unprocessed food is found! :)